Business Administration Diploma Program at Royal Crown College is designed to prepare our students for the competitive, rapidly evolving, challenging business environment of our times. Our 39-week program enables our students with solid, world class theoretical knowledge and intensive real-world application of fundamentals learned in class through individual and group projects in collaboration with our partner organizations and companies. The program is designed for students whose goals include business management, self-employment, or a variety of potential career paths such as marketing and international business administration, marketing, management finance or human resources.


Upon completion of the program students can choose one of the following paths:

  • Apply the skills taught in class in real world
  • Transfer the credits to one of our partner Universities in Canada and complete a Bachelor program in 2-3 years depending on the program
  • Transfer the credits to partner Universities in USA
  • Transfer the credits to Universities around the world



The partnership between Royal Crown College of Business and Technology (RCCBT) and Cape Breton University (CBU) makes it easy for RCCBT graduates to transfer to CBU.

RCCBT graduates can apply to CBU for admission and Transfer Credit Assessment after they finish their studies at RCCBT. RCCBT grads can earn a CBU degree in 2 years or less.



Royal Crown College students that complete the Business Administration Diploma program and meet the admission requirements can transfer their credits into a degree completion pathway at Trinity Western University.

Students will be able to earn a TWU Bachelor of Arts in Leadership degree in 2 years or less.

Find out more about the pathway between Royal Crown College of Business and Technology and Trinity Western University (coming soon).



program dean

Adam Riggio

Adam teaches in Royal Crown College’s Business Administration program, contributing years of experience working in public relations and marketing for small businesses and non-profits.As well as his experience and training in corporate communications, Adam also holds a doctorate from McMaster University in philosophy. There, he produced a study of how concepts from the life sciences influence the moralities of the global environmental movement. It was published in 2015 by Palgrave MacMillan as Ecology, Ethics, and the Future of Humanity. He is also the digital editor of the international research journal Social Epistemology. Adam has presented his work at professional research conferences throughout Canada, in the United States, Britain, Switzerland, and Ecuador. Some of his work has recently been translated into Mandarin by teachers at Wuhan University of Science and Technology.

At Royal Crown College, Adam is developing innovative new methods in teaching business and marketing programs at the college level. Test and assignment content is designed to
encourage students to engage their creative and critical powers to the fullest extent. Such flexibility in thinking, as well as the ability to entertain, pursue, and research unorthodox ideas is an essential foundation of career success. Another pillar of Adam’s unique approach to business education is that he integrates ethical questions and space for moral analysis of management policies throughout his courses. This is based on the studies, carried out by researchers at several Ivy League business schools over the last decade, that when ethics courses are taught entirely separately from the rest of a program's technical training, people too easily compartmentalize business practice from the ethical implications of their actions. Adam’s plans for innovation at Royal Crown include integrating the development of keen analytical skills and intuitions with an eye on the systematic, indirect, and moral effects of corporate actions.


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