All premium education programs at Royal Crown College of Business and Technology are designed to guide the students and prepare for real life jobs or to continue education either within Canada or abroad.


    Business Administration Diploma Program at Royal Crown College is designed to prepare our students for the competitive, rapidly evolving, challenging business environment of our times. Our 39-week program enables our students with innovative new theoretical knowledge and intensive real-world application of fundamentals learned in class through individual and group projects. The program is for those whose goals include business management, self-employment, or a variety of potential career paths such as international business administration, marketing, management finance, or human resources.

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    The Business English Program is designed to help our students stay ahead in the competitive business world we live in today.

    Our world is rapidly evolving with daily advancements in technology and in the way we communicate with one another. Our goal is to provide students with the necessary skills to work and communicate in a multicultural business environment, as well as confidently handle personal and business situations.

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    Royal Crown College of Business and Technologies is proud to offer the only dedicated and highly integrated pre-medical program currently available across Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and unique for Ontario. Our pre-med program allows students to complete the prerequisite knowledge needed for medical school enrolment only within 2 calendar years. The program is designed to place the students on a medical career path straight from high school level. It also allows for transfer of students who already have completed some undergraduate studies but are required to complement any of the post-high school level medical prerequisite courses of Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, English and Calculus.

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    The Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate is a carefully crafted program with medical students scope in mind. The program is design for prospective students who already hold an undergraduate or another advanced academic degree and are planning either a career change or continuation of their primary studies towards Medical Doctor qualification (MD). Applicants have the option to either take the entire program as a complete comprehensive package or selectively choose only those pre-requisite courses which are lacking from their undergraduate transcripts in order to meet or exceed the requirements of the medical school programs. Applicants also have the opportunity to improve their GPA in those pre-requisite courses where a minimum grade is required for a successful and competitive application into medical, dental, veterinary medicine, or other health care professional programs.

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    The Hospitality and Tourism Management diploma program is intended to meet the demands of employers for the strategic and managerial skills considered essential in this stimulating and active field.

    The program combines both theory and knowledge you gain from a classroom environment along with experiential learning in the tourism industry sector. During the program, you will engage in all the aspects of the hospitality industry like reception and food and beverage and combine it with tourism courses such as geography, private clubs, airline and cruises. Our professors will guide you throughout the program using their real life experience in the industry.  The diploma will offer you a competitive edge in the tourism industry both in Canada and internationally.

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    TESOL certification tells others that you are educated and qualified to teach English to students who speak other languages. In an industry with no internationally accepted standard, primarily because English teachers teach all over the world, TESOL certification is generally recognized. Earning certification from a reputable organization is the first-step to a career teaching English to non-English speakers. When you earn TESOL certification, you become connected with a network of other educators who have earned the same certification. TESOL is an active professional community that serves its members.

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