The Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate is a carefully crafted program with medical students scope in mind. The program is design for prospective students who already hold an undergraduate or another advanced academic degree and are planning either a career change or continuation of their primary studies towards Medical Doctor qualification (MD). Applicants have the option to either take the entire program as a complete comprehensive package or selectively choose only those pre-requisite courses which are lacking from their undergraduate transcripts in order to meet or exceed the requirements of the medical school programs. Applicants also have the opportunity to improve their GPA in those pre-requisite courses where a minimum grade is required for a successful and competitive application into medical, dental, veterinary medicine, or other healthcare professional programs.

Upon successful completion student receive a program completion certificate. The program covers all of the required prerequisite courses tailored to the students’ needs allowing them to pass MCAT exams with high marks. The program is built on the following pillars:

  1. Flexibility – students can mix and match any of the offered courses under this program depending on their study needs, time availability, or prior courses taken during their primary degree studies.The combination of various teaching techniques allow for large part of the program to be taken at a self-study pace and at times convenient to the student.
  2. Academic rigor – the program prepares students to the demanding requirements of the medical schools. They develop successful long term study habits that help them to succeed in any medical program. The combination of teaching resources including pre-recorded videos, instructor guided small groups’ discussions, and laboratory exercises makes the program unique in its offering.
  3. Scalability – students have the option to add additional courses offered by the program if they discover insufficient knowledge in some areas before or after taking MCAT exams. This allows for mastering the passing of MCAT exam.
  4. Modular program structure – allows for fast pace fulfillment of the needed prerequisite courses.
  5. Integrated teaching – chemistry, physics, organic chemistry are taught through the scope of biology and biochemistry while introducing basic health-care and medical sciences related concepts.

Our Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical has the following key components

  • Short intensive 8 weeks long semesters
  • Less than one calendar years long program*
  • Flexible enrolment six times per calendar year (every 2 months)
  • 41 USc academic credits equivalent to three academic semesters or 6 Full/ 12 Half Ontario credits
  • All core prerequisite courses required for most of the 4-year long medical school programs are included in the program
  • Students can enroll in up to 2 courses per 7 weeks semester, 6 times per year
  • The curriculum is tailored towards MCAT examination and designed for a smooth transition into MD (Doctor of Medicine) programs
  • Our exams follow MCAT structure and are embedded as an integral part of our Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical bridge program which makes our students ready and competitive to apply for Medical Schools

All Medical Partner Schools are OSAP approved

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  • Courses: 7

  • Domestic students Tuition fee: 8 960$

  • International students Tuition fee: 16 100$

  • Duration: 48 weeks

  • Quizzes: Yes

  • Assessments: Yes

  • Books Estimate: 350$

  • Start Date: Jul/Sep/Nov


  • Biology with Labs

  • General Chemistry with Labs

  • Organic Chemistry with Labs

  • English with Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • General Physics with Labs

  • Biochemistry with Lab

program dean

Dr. Ivo Boudakov

Dr. Ivo Boudakov is the Program Director of the Pre-Medical Program of Royal Crown College of Business and Technology located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After earning his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1998 he worked in biotechnology and life-sciences research in some of the most prestigious international Universities in US (Harvard University); Canada (University of Toronto); and UK (Imperial College). Since 2009 his focus is on program development and project management. His international experience in Pre-Medical and Basic Life Sciences Medical education brings wealth of knowledge which highly benefits our students in their chosen path to career in medicine, public health, or life-sciences.


  • High School Diploma

  • IELTS 6.5

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