Royal Crown College of Business and Technology offers the only North American fast track bridge Pre-medical Program which allows high school graduates (K12) to earn MD degree within 6 years.

< Our Pre-medical Program has the following key components:

  • 2 calendar years long program
  • 6 academic trimester each one is 4 months long
  • 92 academic credits equal to 15 Full or 30 Half Ontario credits
  • All core prerequisite courses required for most of the 4-year long medical school programs are included
  • The curriculum is tailored towards MCAT examination and designed for a smooth transition into MD (Doctor of Medicine) programs
  • MCAT exam is embedded as an integral part of our Pre-medical Program which makes our students ready to apply for Medical Schools

< Our Pre-medical program teaching approach:

  • The curriculum combines didactic with dialectic teaching methodology
  • The professors embrace 21st century teaching technologies including real time classroom response system, flipped class teaching, peer based group discussions, and other advanced learning methods
  • The classes are designed for millennial students delivering great learning experience where teaching content is absorbed in multi-threaded ways
  • We prepare our students to excel in medical school or transition to many other health sciences programs

< Our MD (Doctor of Medicine) program partners:

  • We partner with established and accredited Medical schools which allows our students for seamless transition in their medical program
  • The Medical school partners offer either 4 full years or 10 academic trimesters ( 3 years and 6 months) of Doctor in Medicine programs
  • Our partners award MD degree and prepare students for taking the corresponding medical board exams
  • Canadian MCCEE exams (Medical Council of -Canada Evaluating Examination)
  • USA medical board exams (USMLE; United States Medical Licensing Examination)


Pre-Medical and Basic Life Sciences Graph


All Medical Partner Schools are OSAP approved

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  • Courses: 27

  • Tuition fee: $32 200 CAD

  • Duration: 2 years (6 trimesters)

  • Quizzes: Yes

  • Assessments: Yes

  • Approximate book cost: $500

  • Start Date: Sep/Jan/May


  • Year 1

  • General Biology with Labs

  • General Chemistry I with Labs

  • Computer Sciences

  • English with College Writing

  • English and Public Speaking

  • General Chemistry II with Labs

  • Human Biology and Zoology with Labs

  • Mathematics I

  • Introduction with Psychology

  • Medical Terminology and Health Care

  • General Physics I with Labs

  • Organic Chemistry I with Labs

  • Community and Public Health

  • Year 2

  • Anatomy and Psychology I

  • Organic Chemistry II with Labs

  • Mathematics II with Biostatics

  • Nutrition

  • General Physics II with Labs

  • Ethics and Behavioral Sciences

  • Genetics

  • Introduction to Cell Biology and Histology

  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

  • Anatomy and Psychology II

  • Pharmacology

  • Biochemistry with Lab

  • Microbiology

  • Molecular Biology with Labs

program dean

Dr. Ivo Boudakov

Dr. Ivo Boudakov is the Program Director of the Pre-Medical Program of Royal Crown College of Business and Technology located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After earning his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1998 he worked in biotechnology and life-sciences research in some of the most prestigious international Universities in US (Harvard University); Canada (University of Toronto); and UK (Imperial College). Since 2009 his focus is on program development and project management. His international experience in Pre-Medical and Basic Life Sciences Medical education brings wealth of knowledge which highly benefits our students in their chosen path to career in medicine, public health, or life-sciences.


  • High School Diploma

  • IELTS 6.5

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