Royal Crown College of Business and Technology offers the only North American fast track bridge Pre-medical Program which allows high school graduates (K12) to earn MD degree within 6 years.

< Our Pre-medical Program has the following key components:

  • 2 calendar years long program
  • 6 academic trimester each one is 4 months long
  • 92 academic credits equal to 15 Full or 30 Half Ontario credits
  • All core prerequisite courses required for most of the 4-year long medical school programs are included
  • The curriculum is tailored towards MCAT examination and designed for a smooth transition into MD (Doctor of Medicine) programs
  • MCAT exam is embedded as an integral part of our Pre-medical Program which makes our students ready to apply for Medical Schools

< Our Pre-medical program teaching approach:

  • The curriculum combines didactic with dialectic teaching methodology
  • The professors embrace 21st century teaching technologies including real time classroom response system, flipped class teaching, peer based group discussions, and other advanced learning methods
  • The classes are designed for millennial students delivering great learning experience where teaching content is absorbed in multi-threaded ways
  • We prepare our students to excel in medical school or transition to many other health sciences programs

< Our MD (Doctor of Medicine) program partners:

  • We partner with established and accredited Medical schools which allows our students for seamless transition in their medical program
  • The Medical school partners offer either 4 full years or 10 academic trimesters ( 3 years and 6 months) of Doctor in Medicine programs
  • Our partners award MD degree and prepare students for taking the corresponding medical board exams
  • Canadian MCCEE exams (Medical Council of -Canada Evaluating Examination)
  • USA medical board exams (USMLE; United States Medical Licensing Examination)


Pre-Medical and Basic Life Sciences Graph


All Medical Partner Schools are OSAP approved

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  • Courses: 27

  • Tuition fee: $32 200 CAD

  • Duration: 2 years (6 trimesters)

  • Quizzes: Yes

  • Assessments: Yes

  • Approximate book cost: $500

  • Start Date: Sep/Jan/May


  • Year 1

  • General Biology with Labs

  • General Chemistry I with Labs

  • Computer Sciences

  • English with College Writing

  • English and Public Speaking

  • General Chemistry II with Labs

  • Human Biology and Zoology with Labs

  • Mathematics I

  • Introduction with Psychology

  • Medical Terminology and Health Care

  • General Physics I with Labs

  • Organic Chemistry I with Labs

  • Community and Public Health

  • Year 2

  • Anatomy and Psychology I

  • Organic Chemistry II with Labs

  • Mathematics II with Biostatics

  • Nutrition

  • General Physics II with Labs

  • Ethics and Behavioral Sciences

  • Genetics

  • Introduction to Cell Biology and Histology

  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

  • Anatomy and Psychology II

  • Pharmacology

  • Biochemistry with Lab

  • Microbiology

  • Molecular Biology with Labs

program dean


The Academic administration together with the Program Director of the Pre-Medical Programs at Royal Crown College have more than 40 years of combined experience at renowned international School of Medicine programs and Canadian Universities. More than 95% of our premedical students continue their studies at various Medical Schools and successfully graduate with an MD degree. The unprecedented success of our students is a testimony of the quality of our premedical programs.
Our esteem and diverse Faculty brings teaching experience and subject matter knowledge to supports the success of our students. The preceptors’ approach is students focused on training the next generation of medical professionals. We nurture the academic, ethical, and interpersonal qualities required for the successful completion and future practice of medical and other health sciences relate disciplines. We pride ourselves on our faculty/student relationships that strengthen the learner experience and secure the future carrier of our students.


  • High School Diploma

  • IELTS 6.5

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