The course introduces basic concepts of inorganic and physical chemistry. Students get familiar with the structure of the atoms and molecules, ions, and polymers. The course discusses chemical bonding and intermolecular forces, introduces quantum mechanics, and explains the interactions between matter and light. The course compares and contrasts acids with bases and covers the concept of kinetics and ways of influencing the reaction rate with catalysts. Students learn details about spectroscopy, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, solutions, phases and phase changes, precipitation,gasses, and equilibriums.

The laboratory component of the course is focused on conversions and chemical measurements, stoichiometry, solutions, and acid/base titrations, predict the outcome of neutralization and oxidation-reduction reactions, and apply the concept of mole and calculate the molarity. At the end of the course students are able to write chemical formulas;solve and balance equations of chemical reactions; measure pH of solutions, and identify acids, bases, and salts.

Our innovative approach includes videos delivered in the student’s own time, one week of lab, quizzes and 4 exams. Because we understand that each student has a different pace of studying, we have introduced an innovative way of teaching using technology. The advantages of using videos is that students can study on their own time, going back to concepts they do not have a firm grasp on. Also, the courses offered through this approach give the flexibility of finishing in anywhere from 8 weeks to 1 year.



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Our esteem and diverse Faculty brings teaching experience and subject matter knowledge to supports the success of our students. The preceptors’ approach is students focused on training the next generation of medical professionals. We nurture the academic, ethical, and interpersonal qualities required for the successful completion and future practice of medical and other health sciences relate disciplines. We pride ourselves on our faculty/student relationships that strengthen the learner experience and secure the future carrier of our students.


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