The course teaches verbal reasoning. Upon completion students are able to conduct comprehensively reading, analyze, and answer questions on relatively short but complex passages (~ 500 to 600 words). The content of the passages is not on topics familiar to the students and the goal is to enforce the critical thinking as part of the course. Students learn to reread passages in a way different from reading a standard textbooks or leisure literature. The passages are multifaceted and build around ideas and/or theories that express the author’s’ views. Students are expected to consider the author’s’ intentions together with their tone, words and points of view when examining the passages and answering the questions.

The course measures the progress of students analytical and reasoning skills. It also prepares them to succeed in answering complex exams within limited period of time based on vignette style multiple choice questions.

During our active learning sessions students are tested through real-time response system. Large part of the final grade is dedicated to active class participation where students are expected to take part in the group activities that should boost their efficient learning.

Our innovative approach includes videos delivered in the student’s own time, one week of lab, quizzes and 4 exams. Because we understand that each student has a different pace of studying, we have introduced an innovative way of teaching using technology. The advantages of using videos is that students can study on their own time, going back to concepts they do not have a firm grasp on. Also, the courses offered through this approach give the flexibility of finishing in anywhere from 8 weeks to 1 year.


  • Tuition fee: $1,280

  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Books Estimate: $50

  • Start Date: Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/ Nov


course coordinator

Program Director: Dr. Ivo Boudakov

Dr. Ivo Boudakov is the Program Director of the Pre-Medical Program of Royal Crown College of Business and Technology located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After earning his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1998 he worked in biotechnology and life-sciences research in some of the most prestigious international Universities in US (Harvard University); Canada (University of Toronto); and UK (Imperial College). Since 2009 his focus is on program development and project management. His international experience in Pre-Medical and Basic Life Sciences Medical education brings wealth of knowledge which highly benefits our students in their chosen path to career in medicine, public health, or life-sciences.


  • Bachelor Degree or currently in a Bachelor program

  • IELTS 6.5

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