The course discusses the structure and function of biological molecules as part of major biochemical pathways. All key metabolites and biochemical intermediates are presented in their normal state. Additional emphasis is placed on those important molecules found in the eukaryotic organisms which have abnormal function related to some key diseases. Theoretical material also covers some important products of biotechnology industry and their role either as pharmaceutical compounds or in the food and beverage sector.

The laboratory component of the Biochemistry course is focused on the development of basic laboratory skills necessary in the investigation of the biochemical properties of organic structures and biologically significant macromolecules. The laboratory exercises depend on previously acquired knowledge and techniques from the core chemistry and organic chemistry courses. The lab introduces a variety of techniques included but not limited to protein electrophoresis and Western blot.

Our innovative approach includes videos delivered in the student’s own time, one week of lab, quizzes and 4 exams. Because we understand that each student has a different pace of studying, we have introduced an innovative way of teaching using technology. The advantages of using videos is that students can study on their own time, going back to concepts they do not have a firm grasp on. Also, the courses offered through this approach give the flexibility of finishing in anywhere from 8 weeks to 1 year.


  • Tuition fee: $1,280

  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Books Estimate: $50

  • Start Date: Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/ Nov


course coordinator

Program Director: Dr. Ivo Boudakov

Dr. Ivo Boudakov is the Program Director of the Pre-Medical Program of Royal Crown College of Business and Technology located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After earning his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1998 he worked in biotechnology and life-sciences research in some of the most prestigious international Universities in US (Harvard University); Canada (University of Toronto); and UK (Imperial College). Since 2009 his focus is on program development and project management. His international experience in Pre-Medical and Basic Life Sciences Medical education brings wealth of knowledge which highly benefits our students in their chosen path to career in medicine, public health, or life-sciences.


  • Bachelor Degree or currently in a Bachelor program

  • IELTS 6.5

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